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Wellspring Worship and Praise

Wellspring Says Welcome

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Click on the viewer below to watch the April 13, 2014 sermon. To watch other sermons, click here.

Wellspring Sermons

 The sermons listed below are in chronological order, with the most recent sermon listed first..  Simply click on the title to listen to that sermon.  In order to download a particular sermon, simply right-click on the title of the  sermon, and select the 'Download' option from the menu.  Sermons which have been delivered over this year are available by scrolling down with the scroll bar on the right side of the box.

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TWO worship times each Sunday! 10:05 and 11:10 am

God continues to bless us with community and growth. Come join us in Dyer Hall this week! A family friendly attitude greets you as we gather together in a comfortable, casual environment to praise God and celebrate our relationship with Jesus. Come and hear the relevant message presented in an exciting and relatable style. The music is spirit led and energy filled! The Wellspring Worship Band leads us into the presence of God through contemporary Praise and Worship songs and time-honored choruses. Our theme song and our attitude say “You are Welcome."